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Wolves of Wasatch: Wolf Experiences

Book an ultimate Wolf Experience with Sausha Seus and Apollo The Wolf.

This tour is a 2 hour experience , open ended and designed for you, your family, or group led by Sausha Seus.

Sausha Seus, our partner, is a member of a world-renowned animal training family. Her father, Doug Seus, is one of Hollywood’s premiere animal trainers.

Sausha is passionate about her life’s work to share decades of knowledge and insights from her parents. She is committed to assisting others in understanding the idiosyncratic details in human animal communication while helping others heal and create actionable plans of their own.

Experience cost: $250 per person. Groups are currently limited to 5 people.


Quick Information:

  • Dress for the weather – wear layered clothing and be prepared to be outdoors.
  • Hats and Sunglasses are recommended.
  • Tours are subject to weather conditions.
  • Transportation available for an additional fee.