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Corporate Team Building Events

Quick Details

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$ 75 per person

Enhance Your Team Identity and Synergy in Park City, Utah.


Corporate and Executive Team Building is a specialty component of our business.

We have over 50 years of experience to offer.

We look at your event as an investment in your company.

Our team has worked with small executive teams all the way up to large company outings.

We will work to ensure that your event is set up to mirror your event agenda.

Corporate Team building activities are completely custom tailored for your company and event vision.



*Professional Team Building activity options include:


  • Mountain Survival Challenge based team building events with scenarios including Park City Mining theme, Winter Mountain Survival, and other various fully customizable options.


  • Miner’s Mystery Park City Challenge team building events for that city vibe.
    • This event includes a fun urban style mining themed scavenger hunt integrating local history.
    • Additionally, event options can also include manned stations which foster team interactions.


  • River Rescue Rafting Challenge themed team building events while having fun on the river.


  • UTV / ATV Orienteering Challenge events with mountain views on off road vehicles.


  • Horseback Riding Western Challenge events with on trail adventures and western themed scenarios.



-All Events include snacks, waters, and transportation options upon request.




Professional Team Building additional partner experience options include:


Earth Wings:

Our feathered friends at Earth Wings are a professional aviary outfit that specializes in raptor conservation and events.

They will bring owls, hawks, and other raptors depending on your planning vision.

Photo shoots and conservation speaking points are a highlight of this option!


Wolves of Wasatch:

Not just howling at the moon, they are a professional wolf conservation organization.

They will bring their star wolf, Apollo, for your team building event.

Your group will have personal interactions with Apollo.

Photo Shoots and conservation speaking points are also a highlight of this option!


Utah Tour and Transport Helicopters:

Our high flying partners, Utah Tour and Transport Helicopters, can facilitate aerial tours including photo shoots, flyovers of the local mountains, and other customized options.

Let’s get creative in planning a very unique experience option to your corporate event!


Bigfoot Hot Air Balloons:

Another high flying option with our local partners, Bigfoot Hot Air Balloons.

Drift with the winds of the Wasatch Mountains with your executive or corporate teams.

Perfect for small and mid size groups with the ability to customize for larger organizations.



Book with us and let our experience and local resources help define your next professional Corporate Team Building event!