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One of our key activities Wasatch Adventure Guides offers for the winter is snowshoeing. In fact, we like to say that snowshoeing is like four wheel drive for your feet. #4wheeldriveforyourfeet

When most people think of snowshoeing, they mainly think of the old tennis racquet looking gear that grandma used to have. While those snowshoes are good to work in, modern snowshoes are designed to recreate with new designs and materials. We have the latest and greatest snowshoe gear and designs available for you or your group to adventure in.



Rock Climbing Park City Mountains | Wasatch Adventure Guides

Car and Matt | Wasatch Adventures Guides


Many times when you take out a client, the preparation that goes into the tour becomes the same. It becomes a bit of a ritual so that things are not overlooked or missed, items are not forgotten, and you have a standard for which each tour is held against.

As in life, every tour is a bit different and presents it’s own sets of variables. I love that about them and it always keeps me on my toes.

Recently, I had a rock climbing trip with Cara, Cammie, and Mark. Instantly, I liked them and maybe it was because they were wearing some flyfishing clothing but call me biased.