Wasatch Adventure Guides uniform and outdoor gear choice Arcteryx



It’s interesting how past experiences and influences continue to affect us here at Wasatch Adventure Guides. The time came for us to choose which brands to align with in order to present our image to our clients. The next few blogs from me will highlight some of these important and integral relationships that WAG has formed. Last week, LJ wrote of Honey Stinger and this week I want to discuss Arcteryx.

I’d like to really talk about our choice of our guide uniforms and Arcteryx. My experience with them as a company goes back quite a long way. My brother owned an outdoor and snowboard shop. Through him, I was introduced to my first outerwear gear piece from Arcteryx- a Theta AR jacket. As I started expanding into the outdoor world, I found myself repeatedly coming back to this brand- my first climbing harness, expedition pack, and so on. I came to rely on their philosophy of spending a little more on high quality gear, seeing the value in durability, and coupling that with company support.

My relationship continued with Arcteryx as I became a buyer for an outdoor specialty store. Again, with Arcteryx gear , selling the idea of long term commitment through durability and quality appealed to our clients. Our staff also bought into this gear for the same reasons even though Arcteryx gear was not inexpensive, even for us.

When it came time to choose a company to represent my guides, I looked at several brands. This included factoring in past personal relationships with those brands. Some companies make a uniform choice without giving much thought to the matter. I find this to be curious considering how vital it is to make a good first impression. That first impression with a client is key due to their comfort of being in situations that challenge them on many different levels. We also wanted a brand that had good styling, quality pieces, and a great story. In the end, Arcteryx was that brand. I chose to go with a company that has supported me in various ways over many years in so many ways while representing WAG’s professional image.

Arcteryx wicking shirts for all activities

Arcteryx wicking shirts : Get your sweat on !

One other important factor in this choice were about personal relationships which had developed with my reps and customer service staff within Arcteryx. The quality of staff working behind the scenes is almost as important as the actual piece of gear. Inevitably things go wrong. We are human. But how things are dealt with is the most important factor. I have always had great support from Arcteryx in all aspects.

Now that I have dosed out the Arcteryx Kool Aid, take a peek at them and their gear. Look at their gear as an investment. Value it out over the long haul. Look at their standards and decide if they also match with yours. Wear it and see their attention to detail. Check them out at : http://www.arcteryx.com/Home.aspx?language=EN

Until next time, continue to get outside and unplug for just awhile…Matt