Wasatch Adventure Guides Nutrition : Why do we use Honey Stinger Chews?

Enjoy Honey Stinger products !!

Enjoy Honey Stinger products !!

Hey guys, this is LJ, Wasatch Adventure Guides resident Nutritionist. While falling in love with the Park City Mountains I found a passion for keeping our bodies up with all the activities this town has to offer. Fueling your body with sound nutrition is crucial in continuing to keep the body moving. There are so many snacks on the market that keep energy up. Here at Wasatch Adventure Guides, Honey Stinger is our primary go to food. Today I will highlight the use of Honey Stinger Chews which are a great snack to pack on the go for any of your outdoor activities.

So why do we use Honey Stinger Chews? Our tours into the Park City Mountains can burn upwards of 600 calories per hour. We want to be sure our clients stay energized on their tour so they can focus on the beautiful surroundings our trips provide. With Honey stinger chews, our clients will get a quick release of energy while enjoying a great treat in the mountains.

Honey Stinger Chews are in a convenient pack that can fit into your pocket. They do not run the risk of melting on our hot summer days and do not freeze during our chilly winter tours. These chews are soft and unlike most others on the market, are easy to consume without sticking to your teeth.

Another factor in choosing a snack is the quality. Honey Stinger Chews are Certified Organic using natural sources of sugar. Each pack of chews is about 160 calories that are dense in quick releasing energy. Having a lower calorie snack that focuses on natural sugar creates an easily digested snack while on the go. The quick release of energy comes from their organic Tapioca Syrup and Honey. Both ingredients help boost your body’s energy need while burning so many calories on our tours.

In a nutshell. Honey stingers are a fast, convenient, tasty treat to get a quick boost of what will be much needed energy for the rest of our tour.

Thanks for reading and if you have any nutrition questions while on an adventure feel free to reach out!