Relationships and Corporate Identity

Relationships are very important in my line of work. Not only for my new clients but my existing clients. I had the pleasure of working with one of our oldest clients this week- Autoliv.

They are one of our best clients for the past ten years now working in my stints as Park City Teamworks lead guide. I really enjoy the camaraderie that they have as a corporate identity. They are always one of the best collaborative groups that I see during team building events over the course of the year. Autoliv workers hail from all over the globe. They truly represent the international ideal of acceptance and tolerance and they exhibit these beliefs during their events.

Corporations all have a different identity. It’s interesting to see that identity come out during an event. Autoliv really has an inclusive structure and this shows during a teams attempt at their challenge. Everyone Is heard and part of the solution.

We are lucky to have this long standing relationship. We look forward to having more long standing clients like them in our future here at WAG.