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Many times when you take out a client, the preparation that goes into the tour becomes the same. It becomes a bit of a ritual so that things are not overlooked or missed, items are not forgotten, and you have a standard for which each tour is held against.

As in life, every tour is a bit different and presents it’s own sets of variables. I love that about them and it always keeps me on my toes.

Recently, I had a rock climbing trip with Cara, Cammie, and Mark. Instantly, I liked them and maybe it was because they were wearing some flyfishing clothing but call me biased.

Our tour seemed pretty uneventful until I had completed the set up of the routes. I asked them to take out their harnesses and received a blank stare. Cammie said even better was my face as I realized that we had left the climbing harnesses back in Park City. Cliff Lake is about 40 minutes into the Uinta Mountains.

At this moment, what does one do? Fortunately, I had an extra harness, some extra gear, and my military training. When I was in the military, we were forced over and over again to tie a swiss seat just in case we didn’t have a harness.

The best part of the solution was the trust and willingness of my clients to continue on. That allowed us to have a very successful, safe, and fun trip. Cara challenged herself, Cammie was a natural, and Mark was solid.

The reminders are always positive when one chooses to look at things that way. It was not an optimal situation but we persevered and looked at practical solutions which was helped by positive outlooks.

I look forward to my next adventure with Cara, Cammie, and Mark. who knows what will happen but I do know that we will travel with good attitudes. And extra harnesses.