Showing the Midwest How We Do It In Utah!

This has been a really busy time here at WAG the last couple of weeks. We have had two great groups in house. Both of the companies are Midwest based with Goodway Group being from Pennsylvania and Ace Hardware out of Minnesota- Don’t cha’ know. Me being a fellow Mid Westener, things seemed to be right from the onset.

WAG was their facilitator for their activities while they were in Park City. We did everything from Flyfishing to Golfing to Mountain Biking and everything in between. We had a lot of fun with them and the weather seemed to stay good just for them. I’m glad they paid extra cash to Mother Nature.

Looking back at these groups, we had a lot of positive feedback from our guides. Everyone seemed to gel together and we all had a good time with our clients. We hope that we showcased Park City well enough for them to consider it again for their corporate reward destination next year.