Park City Mountains

Often when my clients come on tours, some of their first questions are about the mountains, especially the Park City mountains. How were they named, how were they formed, what mountain range are they a part of, what is the history of region.

Park City’s mountains are a part of the Wasatch Range. This range was named after a Ute Indian word for “mountain pass” or “pass over high range”. These mountains are a fault block style of mountain range. Park City Mountains are also known for their huge deposits of silver. The Hurst family made their fortune here. You will notice all of the references to silver in the names of things around town.

To me, this area has offered an allure for quite a while. Park City is home to three World Class ski resorts. They are less than 3miles apart from each other. Over 9000 acres of skiing is available during the winter and over 400 miles of mountain bike riding/hiking during the summer. Each resort has it’s own distinctive vibe and characteristic with it.

Deer Valley resort is consistently rated as one of the top three ski resorts to visit. They offer top quality customer care- the Deer valley Difference- and very distinctive dining experience. Deer Valley is an upscale resort that has all the amenities to match. In the Sumer, they offer some great hiking trails as well as some great settings to dine.

Park City Mountain Resort- PCMR- is a great family mountain and has catered to that market for several years. They offer a good mix of terrain and central location in Park City. In the summer, they open their base area into an activity center complete with alpine coaster, alpine slides, and ziplines.

Canyons Resort sits somewhere in the middle of the other resorts. Family friendly, but not quite as upscale as Deer Valley. In the wintertime, it is an immense mountain with skiing for all abilities. Summertime, it is quickly defining itself as a great destination getaway.

All of these park city mountain resorts offer a full range of year round activities including skiing, mountain biking, festivals, and concerts. A favorite local expression of mine is that we all moved here for the winter but stayed for the summers.

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