Here’s to Twenty Five years in the Park City Mountains !


After hours at Silver Restaurant Park City, Utah

After hours at Silver Restaurant Park City, Utah

The importance and meaning of business relationships is often over looked in modern times. In a world where we are so inundated with technology, the art of building solid tangible relationships has been a bit affected. However, with my favorite corporate group Davis Construction in town, all you have to do is start from the top. Their principals and top level managers realize how important it is to invest in their relationships, employees, and  clients.

Annually, they come out to Park City. As a matter of fact , this is their 25th year of doing so. The mandate for the trip is simple: Have fun. Work takes a second seat with the real purpose being to unwind and relax.They offer their clients and employees opportunities to ski, snowmobile, flyfish, and snowshoe together. Seems odd to some that they have to bring people out to Utah to get together. However, it’s genius. Simply put, it’s easier for people to get together on these short trips than to try and coordinate their non work schedules back home. Makes sense to me considering my daily routine with my three kids, wife, dog, three cats, fish, running a business, and life in general.

The value of investing in people is immeasurable. Often times, business relationships are not just quick, one time deals. Projects often take years to complete. Having someone that you have developed a personal relationship with gives you many insights and tangible experiences from which to draw from. Outdoor activities force some people into a different comfort zone but eventually reground your thoughts.These experiences help to create concrete constructs.

My time spent with Davis Construction is very special to me. I have found and formed many lifelong relationships with some of the most positive people. Their perspectives remind me that my business model is based on a very solid foundation and school of thought. As I have developed my business, I try to add my evolving business plan with many of the same ideas that I see and learn from them.

I have been doing corporate team building for 15 years. One thing I have taken from those events is the importance of leadership investing into themselves, their community, and their clients. These virtues are all present with this company.

Thanks again for everything and I’m looking forward to being part of number 26.