Give History a chance.

Park City Mountains- Deer Valley, Utah

A great start…


The winter season has officially kicked off for Wasatch Adventure Guides. Our first snowshoe tour of the season happened a few weeks ago.

The snowfall had been sporadic for this early season but that didn’t stop people who were in town from wanting to get out. Our trail options were definitely limited due to what aspects the trails faced among other things.

I received a phone call from one of my hotel clients looking for an available tour for some guests. It turned out to be a mom and her son looking to get outside and enjoy the views. Despite the limited options, we were all up for a chance to get out in the sunshine and find a few stashes of snow.

I could not have asked for better attitudes from my clients. They were up for anything and given the conditions, they had to be.

We made our way up a snow covered access road to make our way onto Deer Valley. On the way, we discovered that we had a lot in common including a huge passion for history and culture. One surprising element was being able to discuss some intricate world history discussions with a 15 year old. These kids nowadays, I tell you ! You could tell that he was well rounded as an individual due to his family’s upbringing.

As we continued along, I was grateful for the chance to be with such a positive set of people who share the same attitudes about a world and humanistic view on life.

I’m excited for this season. For it to kick off in such a good way gives me hope for the quality of clients who continue to find their way to WAG.


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