Get your Nutrition on, Chewbacca

Some coincidences in life really make a lasting impression. Our last Corporate group included the executive team from the Weruva corporation. I knew we were going to like this group as soon as I looked at their website and saw a cat/dog rap video.

Weruva has taken the lead to give pets a better nutritional standard. They produce real food with similar nutritional standards for their two legged owners. Open a can or pouch and you can actually identify what your pet is eating.

During their Team Building event, we had a visit fron a neighborhood dog named Chewy. It just so happens that Weruva takes a 6 foot tall cutout of Chewbacca along with them on their exhibition tours. The strange coincidences continued to happen on an interstellar level with job titles – Mine is Intergalactic Ringleader and several of them had similar roles. The CEO David has three kids, 4 cats, and a dog. As do I. However, when he said that two of his kids were twins, that set it really off. I also have twins.

I love how life has been bending good clients like these to WAG. I love these Park City Mountains that I call home.

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