An Education


Sometimes on our team building activities, we are utilized by our local educators. In this particular instance, we had the pleasure of dealing with JR Smith Elementary School out of Heber City. They decided to have their event up at Deer Valley in Park City’s Mountains.

Jr Smith is really known for their close knit educators. Their leader Mr. Brown has had a concern regarding many of the regulatory pressures placed on his staff affecting this bond. Designing a mixed course of Mountain Survival and Adventure Seek based on this parameter was our main focus.

A lot of times, we have to challenge ourselves in environments that are not comfortable to us. We included a Tyrollean Traverse event to help create this challenge. This is a rope course type of zipline adventure. It is quite a daunting task with it’s placement above a canyon crossing with a height of about 60 feet. After an initial competitive episode, our group decided to help each other out to allow everyone to face this obstacle. At this point, I feel that the entire event changed in it’s complexion. Our clients saw the benefit in balancing competition versus collaboration. All teams agreed to allow everyone a chance to participate in this event thus extending the time of the event without regard to the competitive consequences.

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Build a Shelter

Another lesson that sprung forth from the event involved technology. Part of this event is based on clients utilizing GPS hand held devices to navigate to their checkpoints. That day, we had some satellite issues involving solar flare activity as well as hazy cover because of forest fires. Two groups had to figure out how to navigate without the use of GPS. Amazing how we have become so reliant on technology. I am happy to say that our good old fashioned eyes and brains still function !

As part of our service to the client, we follow up post event to see if we can facilitate anything else, get feedback, and discuss any other questions.Lessons learned from an event like this have already translated to their workplace. A situation arose and our event was named as a point of reference. I like to hear that.

We had a great event and hope to have more in the future with the people helping to shape our children.