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One of our key activities Wasatch Adventure Guides offers for the winter is snowshoeing. In fact, we like to say that snowshoeing is like four wheel drive for your feet. #4wheeldriveforyourfeet

When most people think of snowshoeing, they mainly think of the old tennis racquet looking gear that grandma used to have. While those snowshoes are good to work in, modern snowshoes are designed to recreate with new designs and materials. We have the latest and greatest snowshoe gear and designs available for you or your group to adventure in.



Corporate Teambuilding

Sage words for life

Return clients are always a good thing. However, clients that have exceptional attitudes are always an amazing thing.

We have had two visits now from Xango including one summer trip and now a winter inspired trip. Our partnership with’s Detour division has lead us to some very good adventures with this group of clients coming in from Xango’s Latin American zone. Throw in working with our favorite preferred partner Mountain Vista Touring, and it’s nothing but a quality day. (more…)

Hey guys I hope you are all enjoying the longer days. I know I am already starting to think of all the mountain biking and trail running I want to do when the snow melts! Several spring and summer activities keep us in the heat long enough to require rehydration of our bodies. So when do you make the switch from good old H2O to a sports drink? Are you choosing the right sports drink for your activity?

I am a huge advocate of water on any activity surrounding the hour to hour and a half mark. There is no better way to keep yourself hydrated while keeping your body temperature under control outdoors. Water does not have hidden ingredients to hinder your health. There are no unneeded calories or sugar while quenching your thirst under the sun. I can go on forever about the benefits of water, but sports drinks have an important role in keeping your energy up while taking those long tours in the Park City Mountains.

Once your activity passes the 90 minute mark your glycogen levels are nearly diminished and fatigue is guaranteed to set in. In order to sustain energy you need to take in carbohydrates for your body to continue to fuel itself properly. Sports drinks are a great source of energy because of electrolyte replenishment and ease of digestion during exercise. Be aware though that some sources of energy are harder to digest than others. The best choice for your tummy and energy needs is to find a drink that has a mix of different types of carbohydrates such as glucose mixed with fructose. Glucose is quickly converted to fuel and therefore easy on the stomach. Fructose takes a bit longer to digest however, it increases palatability of the drink so your taste buds are satisfied. High fructose corn syrup is often the first ingredient in sports drinks which can wreak havoc on your gut while actively exercising.

Another factor in choosing a sports drink during exercise is the % of carbohydrates per serving. A safe guideline is to stay between 6% and 8% or 14-20g of carbs per serving. This guideline was put in place to create optimal gastric emptying and fluid absorption. That means your belly is less likely to cramp up on you while you are getting that extra boost of energy you need.

So be sure to check the labels before purchasing your optimal sports beverage. Also practice with certain combinations of carbohydrates during training. What works for some does not always work for others.



It’s interesting how past experiences and influences continue to affect us here at Wasatch Adventure Guides. The time came for us to choose which brands to align with in order to present our image to our clients. The next few blogs from me will highlight some of these important and integral relationships that WAG has formed. Last week, LJ wrote of Honey Stinger and this week I want to discuss Arcteryx. (more…)

Enjoy Honey Stinger products !!

Enjoy Honey Stinger products !!

Hey guys, this is LJ, Wasatch Adventure Guides resident Nutritionist. While falling in love with the Park City Mountains I found a passion for keeping our bodies up with all the activities this town has to offer. Fueling your body with sound nutrition is crucial in continuing to keep the body moving. There are so many snacks on the market that keep energy up. Here at Wasatch Adventure Guides, Honey Stinger is our primary go to food. Today I will highlight the use of Honey Stinger Chews which are a great snack to pack on the go for any of your outdoor activities. (more…)


After hours at Silver Restaurant Park City, Utah

After hours at Silver Restaurant Park City, Utah

The importance and meaning of business relationships is often over looked in modern times. In a world where we are so inundated with technology, the art of building solid tangible relationships has been a bit affected. However, with my favorite corporate group Davis Construction in town, all you have to do is start from the top. Their principals and top level managers realize how important it is to invest in their relationships, employees, and ¬†clients. (more…)

Park City Mountains | Wasatch Adventure Guides |

Looking out over Park City from Jupiter Peak, Park City Mountain Resort

It has been another fun summer here in the park city mountains. More and more travelers have found what locals around here have said for years- ” I moved here for the winter but stayed for the summers”.

Activities options are pretty limitless if you like outdoor activities.Here are just a few:



Sometimes on our team building activities, we are utilized by our local educators. In this particular instance, we had the pleasure of dealing with JR Smith Elementary School out of Heber City. They decided to have their event up at Deer Valley in Park City’s Mountains.


Rock Climbing Park City Mountains | Wasatch Adventure Guides

Car and Matt | Wasatch Adventures Guides


Many times when you take out a client, the preparation that goes into the tour becomes the same. It becomes a bit of a ritual so that things are not overlooked or missed, items are not forgotten, and you have a standard for which each tour is held against.

As in life, every tour is a bit different and presents it’s own sets of variables. I love that about them and it always keeps me on my toes.

Recently, I had a rock climbing trip with Cara, Cammie, and Mark. Instantly, I liked them and maybe it was because they were wearing some flyfishing clothing but call me biased.

Relationships are very important in my line of work. Not only for my new clients but my existing clients. I had the pleasure of working with one of our oldest clients this week- Autoliv.