• Our client is enjoying a snowshoe tour in Park City, Utah

Outdoor Ambassadors In Park City, Utah

The beginning of every company begins with a defining moment. That moment manifests itself out of other life combinations to form a new reality.

I absolutely love the Outdoors. Supporting the Outdoors and taking care of it as a steward are paramount to me. I want to secure and extend this appreciation to my clients.

My vision when starting this company was to form a company that develops a solid, completely customizable professional brand of Adventure/ Guide service for my clients utilizing our enthusiasm for being Outdoor Ambassadors. Wasatch Adventure Guides (WAG) will provide a professional, healthy, and safe environment for which our client experience is paramount.

I am excited with an opportunity of furthering my love of the outdoors centered around the area I call home – Park City, Utah.

This path that I have chosen has been built with a tremendously solid foundation of friends, relationships, and lots of hard work.

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