Our latest corporate group was Sprint. What a fantastic group ! Their leadership really dictated their approach to their team building event. I have been corporate team building for 13 years now. This management group was the first one to walk up to me , form a circle, and start immediately into the discussion without being asked. Seems simple enough but take a minute and think about it. Many groups are not like that.
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This has been a really busy time here at WAG the last couple of weeks. We have had two great groups in house. Both of the companies are Midwest based with Goodway Group being from Pennsylvania and Ace Hardware out of Minnesota- Don’t cha’ know. Me being a fellow Mid Westener, things seemed to be right from the onset.
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Sometimes life really adds some interesting twists and turns to your daily routine. Recently, I was contacted from an old friend that her friend would be in the area on business. Peggy and my friend Tracy are neighbors in North Carolina.
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Some coincidences in life really make a lasting impression. Our last Corporate group included the executive team from the Weruva corporation. I knew we were going to like this group as soon as I looked at their website and saw a cat/dog rap video.

Weruva has taken the lead to give pets a better nutritional standard. They produce real food with similar nutritional standards for their two legged owners. Open a can or pouch and you can actually identify what your pet is eating.
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Often when my clients come on tours, some of their first questions are about the mountains, especially the Park City mountains. How were they named, how were they formed, what mountain range are they a part of, what is the history of region.

Park City’s mountains are a part of the Wasatch Range. This range was named after a Ute Indian word for “mountain pass” or “pass over high range”. These mountains are a fault block style of mountain range. Park City Mountains are also known for their huge deposits of silver. The Hurst family made their fortune here. You will notice all of the references to silver in the names of things around town.
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Positive Vibes

It’s been so amazing starting a new business. The connections that I’ve found from other friends in the area who are also doing their own thing is amazing. It’s almost like a huge jigsaw puzzle. The pieces seem to fit together with the common corner piece being Park City. They have been massively helpful on a variety of subjects. Wading through the maze of a start up would have been a lot harder without their experience and often well timed opinions. So, I wanted to give a shout out to all of you- you know who you are. Thanks for your help and insights and I look forward to taking this journey with you.

  • Romp To Stomp Breast Cancer in Park City, Utah

Romp to Stomp Breast Cancer

The annual Romp to Stomp Breast Cancer event was held again at Quinn’s Junction Park City, Utah. This event was sponsored in part by Tubbs Snowshoes. They sponsor events all around the country in several venues with all proceeds from the event going to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. People snowshoe a course or participate in a winter running event to raise funds and awareness.

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  • Man holding a fish in Utah

Well, The first corporate client of WAG is in the books. Our client was Davis Construction company based in the Washington DC area. They are a great company which has a great business model based on personnel relationships.

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The Outdoor Retailer show was in full swing this year. It is an biannual show that happens in Salt Lake City which showcases the new products from Outdoor Industry companies for the next summer or winter season. It is the eye candy place to be for any outdoor gear enthusiast. Serious sensory overload!!!
  • Woman snowshoeing in Utah
Another beautiful day in Park City, Utah. The weather has been a bit complex the last few days with intermittent sun and snow. However, we took Becky up the Sunpeak Trail at Canyons resort. Talk about another stellar day and stellar client. Her attitude and our mutual appreciations of sports, outdoors, and nature made for a fantastic day.Go Gators! We cruised up the trail and then accessed some of the side country terrain at Canyons resort. After a brief snack – Honey Stinger Chews- we descended down through the trees and made our own trails back to the trail-head  It’s always satisfying for me to be able to spotlight this beautiful community but it’s always better when it’s a shared admiration.