#4wheeldriveforyourfeet- Park City Snowshoeing

One of our key activities Wasatch Adventure Guides offers for the winter is snowshoeing. In fact, we like to say that snowshoeing is like four wheel drive for your feet. #4wheeldriveforyourfeet

When most people think of snowshoeing, they mainly think of the old tennis racquet looking gear that grandma used to have. While those snowshoes are good to work in, modern snowshoes are designed to recreate with new designs and materials. We have the latest and greatest snowshoe gear and designs available for you or your group to adventure in.


Groups have lots of fun on snowshoe trails in park city mountains

Groups have lots of fun on snowshoe trails in park city mountains

Why snowshoeing? Snowshoeing is an all inclusive sport for families and groups. Snowshoeing allows all groups an equal footing to begin with- literally. We here at WAG like to joke around with people new to the sport with ” If you can walk, then you are automatically an intermediate snowshoer”. Generally speaking, if you enjoy hiking then you will enjoy snowshoeing. Snowshoeing is a great way for families and groups of all sizes to get outside. It’s a way to reconnect to nature and loved ones in a fun and beautiful setting.

Don’t ski? Then snowshoe and enjoy the mountains just as much. Need a day off from skiing? Get outside and enjoy the slower pace and scenery. Here in Park City, our network of trails is extensive and offer lots of differing opportunity to get out and enjoy the park city mountains.

Our tours will get you out in the park city mountains. Not on a golf course but real mountain trails. The nice thing about Wasatch Adventure Guides tours are the attention to detail with our clients. We will design a custom trip for your group including time, transportation, and snacks. We also have the ability to design different tours including a lunch option from our preferred partner Savoury Kitchen. Other cool and unique options include Evening snowshoe or Full Moon snowshoe tours.

This blog will be a part of a series on the snowshoeing opportunities including insights into gear, trails, and some general techniques. We will release new information weekly so stay tuned to this same channel for anything relating to snowshoeing. We will also include some ideas on where to go for other snowshoeing opportunities for an easy day trip while you base in Park City.

Until then, take care and get on out there…