Team building gift- The Present Attitude

Corporate Teambuilding

Sage words for life

Return clients are always a good thing. However, clients that have exceptional attitudes are always an amazing thing.

We have had two visits now from Xango including one summer trip and now a winter inspired trip. Our partnership with’s Detour division has lead us to some very good adventures with this group of clients coming in from Xango’s Latin American zone. Throw in working with our favorite preferred partner Mountain Vista Touring, and it’s nothing but a quality day.

I’d like to discuss Xango’s attitudes. As we all know, a good attitude goes a long way in dealing with any situation. This group has an exceptional zeal and zest for life. It’s no secret that we have had a challenging winter here in the Park City Mountains. Our original offerings to them including Cross country skiing,Winter Mountain Biking, ¬†snowshoeing, and tubing. Due to some weather factors, we had to pare down those offerings to snowshoeing and tubing. Did that affect this group at all? No way, no how.

They showed up to our base camp site with their typical panache and smiles. They knew it’s a tough snow year but they were just excited to be outside in the mountains. Simple. They made a choice to focus on themselves having a good time no matter the conditions because they have an inherent idea to stay in the moment- being happy for that gift.

As I watched the event unfold, their attitude was infectious to the other guests or our tubing base camp at Gorgozza Park. Their laughter and buoyant spirits allowed the other guests around them to be put at ease. One of my favorite memories from the day was seeing a group of about 15 Xango clients all lashed together coming down the tubing hill hooping and hollering. I heard them from the top to the bottom. The employees of the park all had smiles on their faces watching our clients. Again, they could have been concerned with many other things but chose to focus on the moment and being together.

I feel that there is a particular scene from a movie that best describes their attitudes: Quoting Oogway from Kung fu Panda- Yes, I’m a father- “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, but today is a gift and that is why it is called a Present…” Check it out :¬†

Enjoy your gift…